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Sunday, 6 April 2014

Family man believed to have returned lady's lost handbag

Gohila happy to be reunited with her handbag.

Gohila happy to be reunited with her handbag.

PETALING JAYA: Retired teacher Gohila Chelliah was heartbroken when she realised that she had left her handbag with her money, Mykad, driving licence and pension card in a supermarket trolley.

The Aigner handbag was a gift from her daughter two years ago.

“I was so sad. It was not the price of the bag but its sentimental value. At the very least I just wanted my documents back,” said the 77-year old, recalling how she lost it in the Mid Valley Megamall car park on Friday.

“I put it in the trolley while loading things into the boot of my car. There was a car behind me waiting to take my parking spot so I hurried up. I must have forgotten about my bag in the rush.

Gohila pushed the trolley aside, waved to the family in the car to thank them for waiting and drove off.

When she found out that she had left the bag in the trolley, she rushed back to the shopping centre to inform the security guards and also lodge a police report.

Three days later on Monday, just as she was about to apply for a new MyKad, driving licence and pension card, her doorbell rang. It was a postman carrying a Pos Laju parcel.

As she brought the box in, her husband joked that her lost handbag might be inside.

“By some miracle, it was. I was stunned but so happy. Everything was still in it. All my money, my documents, my lipstick, even a piece of candy which I left inside,” she said.

She said the sender left an address and wrote his name only as Huat. He had posted it from Kepong on the same day the bag was lost.

Gohila said she believed that he could be the driver of the car that was behind hers.

“My husband and I wrote him a letter to thank him for his honesty and act of kindness. I’m happy and so grateful to him. He must have a heart of gold to go out of his way to send it by Pos Laju,” she said.

Gohila has decided to keep the box that her handbag was sent back in and named it her lucky box.

“I’m happy that there are still good people in the world and we live in a friendly country,” she said.

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