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Saturday, 29 March 2014

Two-year-old and dad pay final respects to accident victims

Final goodbye: Sin Le (carried by her aunt) and her father Heng Cheng Hang (third left and below) during the funeral ceremony in Alor Setar.

Final goodbye: Sin Le (carried by her aunt) and her father Heng Cheng Hang (third left and below) during the funeral ceremony in Alor Setar.

ALOR SETAR: It was a heart-wrenching moment when two-year-old Heng Sin Le, who was too young to understand what had happened, kneeled down and, with the help of family members, offered prayers to her mother and two siblings, who were killed in an accident.

Sin Le’s mother Teoh Yee Wei, 36, brother Dy Hong, five, and sister Sin Ye, one, died on the spot when the MPV driven by her father Heng Cheng Hang, 37, rammed into the rear of a lorry on the North-South Expressway at 6.30am on Monday.

Heng and Sin Le survived the accident with light injuries, while the family’s Filipino maid Bacuyad Shanda fractured a hand.

They were travelling back to Kuala Lumpur after visiting Heng’s father.

Sin Ye was flung out of the car and died due to severe head injuries while Dy Hong, who was seated in the baby seat, died due to the impact.

Teoh, who was holding on to Sin Ye, at the back seat, also died on the spot.

The funeral for Teoh and her two children yesterday morning was held at Heng’s father’s house in Taman Simpang Perdana in Simpang Empat, near here.

Heng Cheng Hang,37,(centre)  in sad mood touched the coffin of one of his dead children Heng Dy Hong,5, as the bodies of his two children  Heng Dy Hong,5,  (left coffin) and youngest daughter  Heng Sin Ye,1,  (right coffin) about  to leaving the house for cremation at Prestavest Memorial Park in Alor Setar,  Kedah yesterday.(Captioned by photographer G.C.TAN / THE STAR - 28th March 2014)

Teoh’s coffin was placed in the middle, flanked by the coffins of the children.

The distraught Heng burst into tears during the funeral rites and had to be consoled by family members.

More than 100 people attended the funeral, offering flowers and prayers.

As the coffins were carried and being put in the hearse, Heng, his parents and Teoh’s mother wailed uncontrollably.

A group of journalists covering the funeral could not hold back their tears.

Teoh, Dy Hong and Sin Ye were cremated at the Prestavest Memorial Park in Pokok Sena, Alor Setar.

Heng’s mother Chin Yang Hua, 69, said she was heartbroken, adding that the incident was “mia li” (fated).

During the wake on Monday, Heng said the family had just celebrated Sin Ye’s birthday on March 6 and that he never missed celebrating his children’s birthday every year.

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