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Saturday, 22 March 2014

Wan Junaidi denies 'sensitive' statement

PUTRAJAYA: Deputy Home Minister Datuk Dr Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar has denied saying that non-Malays were accepting of statutory rape when he spoke in the Dewan Rakyat.

His principal private secretary Wan Hamzah Wan Paie, who clarified this on behalf of Dr Wan Junaidi, pointed out that the latter had said that Malays were highly sensitive to these cases and hence, had made police reports.

“When Datuk Wan Junaidi said ‘Pihak lain kurang sensitif kepadanya (Others were less sensitive to it)’ and ‘perkara yang berlaku itu’, he was not referring to people not being sensitive to reporting the cases to police and not being insensitive to incidents of statutory rape as understood by (Bandar Kuching MP) YB Chong (Chieng Jen),” he said.

Wan Hamzah said this at a press conference to clarify the statement Dr Wan Junaidi had made in the Dewan Rakyat on March 18.

The Hansard showed that Dr Wan Junaidi said, “Sebenarnya, oleh kerana orang Melayu sensitif sangat kepada kes-kes seks di antara belia ini, maka laporan mesti dibuat oleh pihak-pihak ini. Pihak lain mungkin kurang sensitif kepadanya maka nisbahnya dapat diterima, perkara yang berlaku itu boleh diterima oleh pihak-pihak lain.”

(Translation: Actually, because the Malays were very sensitive to cases of sex between youths, reports were made by these parties. Other parties, perhaps less sensitive to it, hence, the ratio could be accepted, the incident that occurred could be accepted by other parties.)

Wan Hamzah said that Dr Wan Junaidi could not be at the press conference to speak for himself because he was tied to the Stand­ing Order of the Dewan Rakyat 36 (12) following a motion tabled by Chong on Wednesday for him to be referred to the Rights and Freedom Committee.

It was reported that Dr Wan Junaidi had allegedly said that the high number of reported cases of statutory rape among Malays was because they were sensitive to the cases and hence, reports must be made. He also said that perhaps others were less sensitive to it, hence, the ratio could be accepted and the incident could be accepted by others.

The next day, Chong tabled the motion against his statement, saying there was no basis to the implication the low number of reports on statutory rape among the other races was because they were more accepting of statutory rape and that it insulted other races.

Wan Hamzah then showed the National Registration Depart­ment’s statistics 2012 to 2013 on babies born out of wedlock among Malays age 16 and below were 1,490 compared with non-Malays’ 1,836 while statutory rapes reported were 2,390 and 584, respectively.

“This is what it meant when Datuk Wan Junaidi said that the Malays were more sensitive in making reports to police while non-Malays were less sensitive in making reports to police,” he said.

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