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Monday, 17 March 2014

Families at hotel offered activities to break routine

PUTRAJAYA: Family members of the passengers of MH370 who are being hosted at a hotel here are allowed to indulge in various pursuits and distractions while waiting for news regarding the missing flight.

Deputy Director of the Psychology Management Division of the Public Service Department, Dr Abdul Jalil Hassan, said among the activities that they could take part in were visits to certain places such as tourist attractions.

“So far, no one has taken them out of this area for trips. But in view of the proximity of the hotel to malls, some families have gone to these places for a break,” he said yesterday.

Late last night, a Bernama reporter came across a father of one of the passengers exiting the hotel’s main entrance.

“Going for a drink,” he said briefly before rushing away, only to return an one hour later.

Abdul Jalil said that after eight days of staying at the hotel, they should do something different other than watching television in their rooms.

He added that the families appeared to be calmer after listening to the explanation on the incident from the Prime Minister on Saturday afternoon, where it was strongly hinted that the aircraft had been intentionally diverted from its original route.

“We could see how some parents who have missing children could communicate without feeling sad. I think this is probably because of the news conveyed.

“Previously, we saw eight days without any answer. But on Saturday, we received some answer, although not in full. But that could at least give them some relief,” he said. — Bernama

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