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Wednesday, 5 March 2014 | MYT 9:43 AM

Muslim groups gather in Putrajaya to await Federal Court’s decision in 'Allah' case

Muslim groups gather outside the Palace of Justice in Putrajaya

Muslim groups gather outside the Palace of Justice in Putrajaya

PUTRAJAYA: Muslims groups from around the country have gathered outside the Palace of Justice here to show their support in the maintaining the exclusivity of the word “Allah” for Muslims.

Among the groups gathered here on Wednesday were the outspoken Perkasa, Isma, Jalur Tiga, Persatuan Mukabuku and Pertubuhan Islam Gabungan Amal (Petiga).

Putrajaya branch Petiga president Mohd Rosli Ani said that Petiga hopes for a favourable decision.

“Now we can differentiate the usage of ‘Allah’ by the Muslims and Christians but in future, we can’t be sure that the younger generation will be as clear,” he said.

A minor incident occurred in front of the Palace of Justice when a “concerned citizen” turned up bearing flowers to be given to those present.

The woman, Siti Kasim, said that not all Malay Muslims shared the same ideas as groups like Perkasa and Isma.

“The way we are going is very worrying and peace-loving Malaysians should speak up,” she said.

Her speech sparked the ire of Penang Persatuan Mukabuku president Saleh Ismail, who felt that Siti was being disrespectful to those present.

“I am willing to have a debate with you, but not here. You are being disrespectful,” he said.

He added that those gathered outside the courthouse were there in peace.

The lawyers for Catholic weekly The Herald are hoping to gain leave to appeal the decision of the Court of Appeal which banned the weekly from using the word “Allah” in its publication.

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