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Monday, 3 March 2014

Shattered glass falls onto diners

PUTRAJAYA: A family enjoying their dinner at the Putrajaya Lake Club had a rude shock when a vertically-mounted panel made of glass shattered and fell onto their table.

Nurfatin Hamimah, 30, and her husband had stopped there for dinner after picking up her mother from the Low-Cost Carrier Terminal in Sepang.

Their one-year-old son was also with them – seated in a toddler chair.

“Luckily, I was holding him when the glass fell from a height of about 5m. We would not have gotten away as quickly if he was in his chair,” said Nurfatin, an executive with an oil and gas firm.

Nurfatin said her husband was finishing his dinner at about 9pm when he noticed small glass fragments falling just beside them.

“At first he told me to sit further away. A few seconds later, some glass bits fell on him and all of us ran away from the table.

“Then, a large piece of glass fell right onto our table. If we had stayed there a second longer, we would have been hurt,” she said.

Although showered with glass fragments, none in the family was injured. However, the incident left Nurfatin’s mother in a state of shock.

Nurfatin added that a patron at the next table was injured on the leg.

When Nurfatin’s husband spoke to the club manager, he apologised and recommended that the family seek medical check-up.

Meanwhile, a Putrajaya Corporation spokesman said enforcement officers had been sent to inspect the damage.

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