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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Waytha slammed over quit remark

KUALA LUMPUR: Hindraf chairman P. Waythamoorthy has been criticised by the Malaysian Associated Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MAICCI) for calling for the resignation of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

President Tan Sri K.K. Eswaran said Waythamoorthy did not have the right to ask for Najib’s resignation, who was democratically elected by the people in the last general election.

After chairing an emergency council meeting late Monday night, he said at the same time, Waythamoorthy had also praised Najib for being the only Prime Minister to have done a lot for the Indian community.

The chairmen of the various state chambers and the main office bearers, who were present, unanimously agreed that Waythamoorthy had gone overboard and was not the sole representative of the Indian community.

“There are several Indian political parties, including MIC, Gerakan, PPP as well as Barisan Nasional-friendly parties like IPF, MUIP and Makkal Sakthi, which have been attending to the needs of the community,” said Eswaran, adding that the problems of the community were being addressed by the Najib government.

Last week, Waythamoorthy had called on Najib to resign, stating that there was no headway although he held 16 meetings with the Prime Minister to push the demands for the community over the past eight months.

Hindraf’s list of demands were contained in a memorandum of understanding signed by Hindraf and the Barisan government prior to the general election last year.

Waythamoorthy was appointed senator and subsequently deputy minister to carry out initiatives for the Indian community as contained in the MoU.

Eswaran said there were still problems with the community, but the Government was taking proactive measures to resolve them slowly.

This included a RM563mil allocation for 523 Tamil schools nationwide and an additional RM160mil, out of the RM180mil allocated, have been disbursed to the community through Tekun and other funds.

He said Waythamoorthy should blame himself for not taking the opportunity to assist the community as a deputy minister.

On whether the vacant deputy minister’s post should be allocated to an Indian, Eswaran said it was Najib’s prerogative to appoint any leader to fill it.

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