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Saturday, 22 February 2014

Place babies in car seats, pleads father of injured toddler

PLEASE put your children in a baby car seat when travelling, pleads a father who almost lost his 16-month-old girl in an accident on the way down from Cameron Highlands recently, reported China Press.

Lai Meng Siang from Muar said his wife was holding his daughter Gigi Lai (pic) in her arms when the accident happened on Feb 5.

“My girl’s head hit the front seat. She received many stitches. I blame myself for ignoring the safety of my youngest daughter,” he said.

Lai said he had put his elder daughter in the baby car seat and ordered his son to put on his seat belt during the trip.

“I thought it was okay to let my wife hold Gigi but it was not,” said Lai, who posted the incident on his Facebook page in the hope that the public would not repeat his mistake.

He said his daughter, who has been transferred to a hospital in Muar, was recovering.

Doctors taped a note which stated “no skull bone” across Gigi’s forehead so that medical officers would be extra careful when treating her, Lai added.

Lai thanked the medical officers and passers-by who assisted his family during the accident.

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