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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Netizens share their views on property prices

PETALING JAYA: Several Netizens have shared possible solutions to the high property prices on several social media platforms.

Ungku Abdul Hafiz advised people not to be fooled by developers who say that house prices are going up.

“The developers like to create hype and urgency so that people will continue to buy houses even though they can’t afford it,” she said.

Michael G believes that decentralisation is the short-term answer to solving the high housing prices.

“But before that, I would suggest both government housing (i.e. no private property, with state-controlled rent) and a much heavier property gains tax (if not an outright ban on any individual owning more than one property),” said Michael.

However, many are not convinced that RM14,580 a month is needed to afford a home in the Klang Valley.

Facebook user Wai Keat agrees that the study does not reflect the actual situation in Klang Valley because the study only covered a small group of 1,529 respondents.

Mohd Luqman Abdullah also points out that the figures may vary based on location, type of housing and the size of the home.

Another user, Grace Chong, comments that the sample doesn’t represent the average homeowner’s salary: “Most people I know earn between RM3,000 and RM5,000 a month. They are not rich nor poor and they survived.”

While @farahaziz tweets: “I own a house in the Klang Valley and I definitely have a much lower monthly household income.”

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