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Sunday, 9 February 2014 | MYT 2:28 PM

Zahid’s 'no threat' comment irks netizens

PETALING JAYA: Home Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi's comment that offering a reward to slap Seputeh MP Teresa Kok was not a threat, raised the ire of netizens on Sunday.
Facebook user Roger Tan said that the statement was ridiculous.

"Imagine if someone put a bounty saying splashing red paint on your door will get some money, how would the person feel? of course threaten la," he commented. 

Another user Ravi Chandra said: "Assault is taken out of Criminal Law in Malaysia. It is no more an offence."

Dippy Singh also expressed his displeasure over the whole issue commenting, "all of them deserve a slap for being childish and silly – period." 

Another user, Sia Ming Choung was astonished by the comment of the minister, labelling him as having a 'thug' mentality.

While most expressed their disappointment over Zahid's comment, there were some who brushed off the whole incident and blamed Kok for what happened.

Clare Rain said that the police have their hands  full with crime cases these days without wasting time on Kok.

"She have her own 'bodyguards', if u wan to help the people, do more effective things than filming stupid videos," she wrote.

Another netizen Badli Rahman questioned the importance of the police to investigate the matter.

Abu Bakar said that Kok  must draw a line between politics and lunar greetings.

"A childish behaviour. She ask for it and deserve one to wake her up," he commented.

In the video clip that Kok allegedly uploaded on YouTube on Jan 27, she acted as a feng shui talk show host and had “panellists” poking fun at various national issues, including the education system and the foreign intrusion into Sabah in February last year that cost the lives of 10 security forces members. 

Zahid had questioned why police should investigate the Muslim NGOs who offered a cash reward for anyone who could slap Seputeh MP Teresa Kok.

He said it was not a threat when asked to respond to the cash reward offered by the NGOs who said Kok’s controversial Onederful Malaysia CNY 2014 video fanned racial hatred.

Zahid added that an investigation had been initiated against Kok for her controversial Chinese New Year video, with over 300 police reports being lodged against her.


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