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Saturday, 8 February 2014

MCA to carry out public survey in Kajang

Light moment: Liow greeting the crowd at the Bentong MCA Chinese New Year open house in Bentong.

Light moment: Liow greeting the crowd at the Bentong MCA Chinese New Year open house in Bentong.

BENTONG: MCA is carrying out a thorough public survey in Kajang to ensure that only the best candidate is chosen for the upcoming by-election.

“We want to reflect the wishes of the people in Kajang,” party president Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai said at the Bentong MCA Chinese New Year open house here yesterday.

Liow said the party had shortlisted three names, but added that the number of names could grow after the survey.

However, he declined to reveal who they were, nor did he commit to a fixed number of shortlisted candidates.

“It could be three or more. It depends on the public survey,” he said.

“The candidate will be someone from Selangor.”

According to Liow, the party was in full preparation mode, and was conducting training for its machinery at the grassroots level.

“The people want development and unity.

“They do not want issues to be twisted or manipulated,” he noted.

“They are not gullible and are aware of the lies in the social media,” he said, adding that such lies would not succeed in misleading people.

Liow hoped the people would see the positive differences Barisan Nasional could bring.

The seat fell vacant after the sudden resignation of PKR assemblyman Lee Chin Cheh on Jan 27 to make way for Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim to have a shot at being a Selangor assemblyman in the March 23 by-election.

On another matter, Liow said the party leadership was open to delegates’ suggestion for an extraordinary general meeting to reverse the previous decision of not taking up Cabinet posts.

“There have been many requests from the ground to re-look the previous resolution,” he said.

“They want the new leadership to be part of the Cabinet and reforms.

“It will be good for the party,” he added.

On the open house, Liow said VIPs were not given tables to sit at as they wanted to foster interaction with the people in a relaxed and informal atmosphere.

In his message, Liow hoped unity and harmony would be enhanced among the races, especially in the Year of the Horse, which represents luck, agility and health.

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