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Friday, 31 January 2014

Malaysian student stabbed 14 times chases robbers

PETALING JAYA: Ahmad Izat Ahmad Mazni (pic), the Malaysian student who survived a brutal attack in Nottingham, England, is still traumatised over the incident.

He said he chased the three young robbers despite being stabbed 14 times and managed to get back his handphone from them.

Ahmad, 23, who is pursuing a degree in industrial economics at Nottingham University, was walking to a friend’s house in Dunkirk at 6.50pm on Sunday when a boy approached him and asked him for the time.

“It happened so fast. I was looking at my watch when two more boys came from nowhere armed with pocket knives.

“They demanded my belongings and rifled through my clothes. They looked like they were 14 or 15 years old,” he said in a telephone interview yesterday.

Ahmad said he chased them after they took his wallet, handphone and watch.

“I shouted while running that they can have my money but give me back my identification documents,” he added.

He said he was stabbed and punched when the boys turned around to face him.

“I didn’t feel the pain because I was so angry and I continued chasing them. Then one of them gave me back my handphone and they climbed a fence at a housing estate and disappeared,” he added.

Ahmad said he walked to the hospital about 2km away and called the police.

He was found bleeding by policemen and emergency medical staff on the roadside before he was taken in for treatment.

Ahmad, from Ampang, said his family was shocked over the incident, adding that his mother was unhappy that Malaysian students could not feel safe there.

He is now recuperating at a house belonging to a friend and Nottingham Umno Club president Nik Zakirah Farhanis Zakimi.

Nik Zakirah said Ahmad was staying with several friends who were taking care of him.

“He is very lucky that none of his arteries were pierced. He was stabbed on the abdomen, legs, chest, back and thighs. He was also injured on his head,” she said, adding that Ahmad would be taken to the hospital again on Monday to have his stitches removed.

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