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Boy mauled by monkey may be permanently disabled

MALACCA: A seven-year-old boy mauled and bitten in the hand by a monkey more than a week ago faces permanent disability in his injured limb, his father said.

Businessman Saharudin Abu Samah said the incident happened at a beach fronting a chalet at Tanjung Bidara in Alor Gajah, near here, at about 4.45pm on Jan 14.

Little Alif Irfan is now at the Malacca Hospital, being treated for severe bites that tore the flesh between the index finger and the thumb of his left hand.

Damaged: Saharudin showing Irfan’s bandaged hand, saying doctors informed him that the boy may not be able to use his hand again.

Saharudin, 52, from Ampang, Selangor, said a specialist at the hospital told him that Alif could suffer permanent disability in his left hand. “As a father, my heart sank when I heard the news. The incident has traumatised my family,” he said, adding that the boy had just entered Year One.

Relating events that led to the incident, the father of six said his family was holidaying at his in-law’s place here when his youngest son went out to play football on the beach.

The boy then attempted to retrieve the ball that had strayed near the chalet.

“My son was playing at a public beach and there was no signboard to warn that there was a vicious macaque at the site,” he said, claiming that the owner had left his pet unsecured within the fencing of the chalet but the primate jumped over and mauled his son.

“The monkey could have attacked anyone as it is a public spot but my son was unlucky that day.”

He added that he rushed the child to the Terendak Hospital after the incident.

Saharuddin said doctors there advised him to refer the boy to a specialist at the Malacca Hospital on Jan 16.

He said the injury was serious and Alif had to remain at the hospital for a longer while.

“The Jan 14 horror is far from over. My son’s future could be jeo­pardised,” he said.