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Sunday, 19 January 2014

China doll snatched away my husband, claims woman

ALOR GAJAH: A sultry China doll has allegedly come in between a couple here, with the wife claiming the foreign woman had snatched away her husband and leaving her and their four children in a lurch ahead of the Chinese New Year festivity.

Tai Jun Har, 37, from Machap Baru, near here, alleged her husband had abandoned the family since he became romantically involved with the Chinese national for the past year.

COME HOME DADDY... Tai claimed that her husband has neglected them since the birth of the couple;s youngest daughter Christine Lim Jia Xuan.
At wits’ end: Tai claimed that her husband has neglected his family since the birth of the couple’s youngest
daughter Christine Lim Jia Xuan.

“With the New Year coming, I am at wits’ end. My children are asking for their dad and I don’t know what to say to them,” added Tai, who claimed she was forced to peddle snacks to support the children, aged one to 13.

“He admitted to me that he was in love with the foreign woman, who allegedly showered more love on him.

“But, I want him to realise that he had fathered four children and should be responsible for their welfare,” she sobbed, saying her husband was living separately in Malacca and had failed to visit their children.

Tai added that her in-laws had put the blame on her and did not want to lend their support to her.

Tai said she tied the nuptial knot in 1999, but the marriage became rocky after he had an affair with the Chinese woman.

“When I was expecting my youngest daughter, I had to call him five times, and he then only came to send me to the hospital for the delivery of the child,” she said, claiming he had since not come back home.

Tai said she sought the help of marriage counsellors from the National Registration Department to save her marriage, but her husband was still adamant of wanting to be with the foreigner.

Meanwhile, the husband, an advertising businessman who wished to be known only as Lim, has denied Tai’s allegations, saying they are in the process of a divorce.

He admitted he once had a business relationship with a Chinese national which made her jealous but, he said, he had never neglected his fatherly duties and sends RM5,000 a month to the family for the children’s upkeep.

Lim, 39, said when he goes back to see his children, his wife will not allow him to get close to them and she would also throw tantrums.

It is learnt both Tai and Lim have lodged police reports against each other over allegations of “mental abuse”.

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