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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Rescued old folk ignored by families

KUALA KUBU BARU: No one has come forward to claim the four senior citizens at the Kuala Kubu Baru Hospital after they were found languishing at an abandoned old folks home in Taman Wahyu last week.

Hospital staff said that while P. Muniandy, Lau Looi, Ah Meng and Jessica were healthy and eating well, police were hitting roadblocks in communicating with them as most of them could only speak in broken, incoherent sentences.

Lau Looi continued to walk nervously around the hospital ward, while Muniandy and Ah Meng were seen resting. Jessica, who does not speak at all, was still bed ridden, sitting up occasionally to drink water.

If no one comes for them, the four would most likely be taken by the Welfare Department to Rumah Ehsan, an old folks home some 2km from the hospital here.

Jessica resting at the Kuala Kubu Baru Hospital.

“They are well-mannered. For now, we will care for them as best as we can,” said a staff member.

A ward inmate, who gave his name as Syam, said Lau Looi had attempted to walk out of the hospital ward yesterday out of worry.

“He said he was very scared they would kick him out because he had no money to pay them to stay here.

“I told him to relax and that he could stay and eat as much as he wanted,” said Syam.

As for ex-zoo keeper P. Muniandy, 70, his eyes welled up when asked about his family. He repeatedly said: “please, find my family.”

In his heyday, Muniandy claimed he was a keeper in Zoo Negara, looking after the lions.

Muniandy eating at the Kuala Kubu Baru Hospital.

He said he and his wife, who he identified as Kameswary, had four children named Asokumar, Kumar, Hindumali and Rajeswary.

He said his children had left him at the home a year ago after he suffered an accident and became too much of a burden for them. Despite his old age, he believed his children were still young and schooling.

Hospital staff said the Welfare Department would take the four senior citizens to Shah Alam today to make temporary MyKads for them.

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