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Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Home offers to take seniors in

Newfound comforts: P. Muniandy (left) and Ah Meng enjoying a meal at the Kuala Kubu Baru hospital.

Newfound comforts: P. Muniandy (left) and Ah Meng enjoying a meal at the Kuala Kubu Baru hospital.


KUALA LUMPUR: An old folks’ home in Pahang has offered to take in the four remaining elderly people abandoned in Taman Wahyu here.

“They are most welcome to join our family,” said Yap Yoke Moey of the Sang Riang Senior Citizens’ Home in Triang.

“How could people do such a cruel thing to senior citizens? Quickly! Quickly! Bring them here,” she told her assistant, known only as Qing, upon reading The Star’s report yesterday.

Currently, there are 138 inmates living at the home.

Sang Riang, founded by Yap and two friends in 2003, started with seven inmates and has since cared for over 400 homeless senior citizens.

It now has, among other facilities, a dialysis centre, a library, a vegetarian restaurant and a multi-purpose hall.

In Kuala Lumpur, neighbours of the double-storey house were surprised to find there had been people living in what looked like a dumpsite – with knee-high weeds and heaps of rubbish blocking the front porch.

When The Star visited the home again yesterday, the front grille was padlocked, probably to prevent reporters from probing further.

A blue Kancil and a lorry bearing the name of a welfare society were still parked in the front yard and said to have been there for about half a year.

A neighbour, known only as Ng, said nobody knew that there had been people inside as the house was always quiet and dark.

“However, there was a stench from the house, and we had to close our windows all the time.

“We thought the smell came from the rubbish in the back alley or bird droppings,” said the 56-year-old businessman.

Another neighbour, Chen Mee Chin, 63, said in the past, volunteers brought food and even cut the residents’ hair for free.

“Now, this place is not fit for humans,” she said.

Housewife R. Vickneswari, 53, said the welfare home shifted to Batang Berjuntai two years ago and everyone thought the house was empty.

“We only knew the truth when a maid at a house next to the home heard people groaning and mumbling, as though asking for food and water.”

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