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Sunday, 12 January 2014

Priest laments loss of kids taken by ‘two-timing’ wife

MALACCA: A Hindu priest is seeking help to recover his two children, whom he alleged were kept away from him for the past five years by his “two-timing” wife.

G. Sivarajan, 48, said his wife had run away with his 10-year-old daughter and eight-year-old son and taken his savings as well.

“A private detective I hired discovered that my wife had married someone else in Selangor but there was no sight of the children,” he said in an interview.

Sivarajan said he had made 25 police reports between 2009 and 2012 in Selangor.

He claimed that the authorities had not taken him seriously because of his “gentle demeanour”.

A police spokesman, who confirmed that reports had been lodged, explained that the police had acted accordingly, including advising the priest to seek legal recourse.

Sivarajan also accused his wife of hiding the fact that she was already married to another man before tying the knot with him in 2003.

“I felt betrayed. The marriage broker had told me that my wife was single,” he said.

Their arranged marriage went through the customary rites but it was registered only on Feb 29, 2008, he said.

“My in-laws, who are from India, claimed that it was their family tradition to tie the knot according to Hindu customs and they were against registering the marriage.”

“I tried to register the marriage in 2004 when my daughter was born but my Malaysian-born wife stopped me from doing so,” he claimed.

He registered the marriage in 2008 as he realised it was necessary to enrol his children in school.

“It was at the National Registration Department that I discovered my wife had been married previously although she had divorced her first husband in 2003.”

This gradually caused a strain in their marriage until his wife ran away with another man, he claimed.

“My children are precious to me. I hope someone could help me. I just want to be reunited with them,” he added.

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