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Friday, 10 January 2014 | MYT 11:52 PM

Sungai Kuantan water level exceeds danger level

KUANTAN: Although the rains, which began Thursday, have stopped late Friday, residents near Bukit Kenau have been advised to be on alert as the water level at Sungai Kuantan has exceeded the danger level.

The Kuantan Irrigation and Drainage Department said as at 8.40pm, the water level of the river at the area was at 21.76m, above the danger level of 21.5m.

It said residents at low-lying areas such as Pandan, Lubuk Puyu, Kg Chendering, Kg Belukar and its surrounding places are advised to be prepared for floods.

The department also said those living near the monsoon drains at Kg Jawa, Sg Talam, Alur Paya 3 and Sungai Tiram had to take safety precautions as the water was rising but not overflowing.

It said other areas were still under control but those in low areas in Panching had to be on alert.

It also said the water would flow downstream towards Sungai Isap and Cenderawasih at midnight while the high tide was expected to reach 2.2m at 12.12am.

The unusual rainfall in Kuantan throughout the day reached a peak of 175mm at 8pm, raising fears that a second wave of floods might hit.

The massive floods which occurred early December last year took three lives and affected more than 40,000 people in the state. 


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