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Friday, 10 January 2014 | MYT 1:20 PM

Woman who allegedly ran amok outside PM's Dept ordered to enter defence

PUTRAJAYA: Muhdalena Ahmad, who allegedly ran amok with a samurai-sword wielding man outside the Prime Minister's Department in July 2012, had been ordered to enter her defence over the matter.

Sessions Court judge Mohamed Kamil Nizam ruled Friday that the prosecution had raised a prima facie case for the four charges against Muhdalena.

Muhdalena, 28, is accused of committing criminal intimidation by threatening to cause grievous hurt to a policeman, possession of a sword, and two additional charges under the Protected Areas and Protected Places Act 1959.

"Kpl Ridzuan (Megat Ahmad)'s testimony helped form my decision that she had threated to cause harm to the officers," said Mohamed Kamil.

Ridzuan, a first responder at the PM's Department, had testified that Muhdalena's partner Khalil Afendi Abd Hamid shouted "Polis jangan masuk campur, kalau tak, mati (Police, don't get involved or else, you're dead)," after which, both charged at him, forcing Ridzuan to open fire.

"Although he (Ridzuan) was an armed policeman, but considering the accused did not stop despite being issued three warnings and instead charged at him, I understand how this could make Ridzuan fear for his life," said Judge Mohamed Kamil.

The court also found that three police officers at the scene, plus CCTV footage proved that Muhdalena had wielded a sword during the incident.

In his brief grounds, Judge Mohamed Kamil ruled that the two additional charges were proven by the fact Muhdalena had entered the PM's Department (a restricted area) without getting permission to do so.

The court fixed Feb 13, 24 and 25 for Muhdalena to enter her defence.

Counsel M. Visvanathan told the court that, in addition to Muhdalena, two psychiatrist - Putrajaya Hospital's Umi Adzlin Silim and Hospital Bahagia Ulu Kinta Forensic psychiatric consultant Dr Rabiah Mohd Salleh - would be testifying for the defence.

Muhdalena and Khalil Afendi shocked the country when they ran amok while wielding samurai swords outside the PM's Department, on July 9, 2012.

Both were shot by the police and Khalil Afendi succumbed to his injuries at Putrajaya Hospital.

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