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Sunday, 1 December 2013 | MYT 9:00 AM

Death penalty: You are the Judge

TEST your attitude to the mandatory death penalty that exists currently for murder, drug trafficking and Firearms (Increased Penalties) Act offences.

Would you choose the death penalty in the following four scenarios devised by Prof Roger Hood of Oxford University for the Death Penalty Project survey in Malaysia?

Compare your answers with the results of the 1,535 Malaysians who took part in the survey. 

Case 1: Drug trafficking (heroin)

'A Malaysian man, aged 30, was arrested when he sailed into a Malaysian port. Following a tip-off to the police, 25kg of heroin was found hidden inside panels in the cabin of the boat. He had a previous conviction for possessing a small amount of heroin, below 15g, but claimed that he knew nothing about the hidden heroin.'

Case 2: Drug trafficking (heroin)

'A Malaysian woman, aged 21, was stopped by immigration at KL airport and when searched was found to have 100 grams of heroin hidden in a false bottom of her suitcase. She claimed that a foreign man she had met on holiday had asked her to carry the suitcase as a special favour. She had no previous criminal record.'

Case 3: Drug trafficking (cocaine)

'An Indonesian man, aged 20, was arrested when he arrived at KL International Airport after a flight from Indonesia because his behaviour aroused suspicion. He was found to be carrying a package containing 100 grams of cocaine. He said he was asked to deliver the package by his boss and had no idea what was in it. He had no previous convictions.'

Case 4: Drug trafficking (cannabis)

'A Malaysian man, aged 25, was arrested in Kuala Lumpur on suspicion that he was dealing drugs. His property was searched and 400 grams cannabis was seized. He had a previous conviction for selling cannabis in small amounts on the street. He claimed that someone else had left the 400 grams of cannabis at his house without telling him.'

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