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Thursday, 25 July 2013

Four girls are of mixed parentage

PETALING JAYA: The four Muslim girls who were disqualified from the Miss Malaysia-World pageant are of mixed parentage.

Wafa Johanna De Korte, 19, is of Dutch-Malay descent and grew up in Kuala Lumpur.

Wafa Johanna, who started runway modelling early, has done television commercial since she was five.

She loves the diversity of the Malaysian cultures and racial backgrounds.

“Everyone lives peacefully and it’s amazing to see us living in harmony,” she added.

Sara Amelia Muhammad Bernard, 20, from Ipoh, said her mother is half-British and half- Malay while her father is of Iban-German descent.

Sara Amelia started her modelling career when she was studying at Taylor’s College Sri Harta­mas.

“I have friends of every race and I had the opportunity to learn about their customs and beliefs. I also love the variety of food in Malaysia,” she added.

Miera Sheikh, 19, is of Malay-Arab descent and spent her younger years in Singapore before moving back to Malaysia with her parents.

She became a model when she was in Form 3.

Kathrina Ridzuan, 23, is of English-Malay parentage and has appeared as a model in several advertisements.

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