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A case of love and respect

MS Shanthi Ramachandran is a law lecturer. She teaches the most challenging subjects in the LLB programme under the University of London, which include Criminal Law, Tort Law, Family Law and Evidence.

Not all lecturers can teach those subjects at once, but she does it in an excellent way. She has outstanding knowledge of the law and an utmost dedication for her work. Integrity is one of her best qualities.

Ms Shanthi is always punctual for class. She has never cancelled classes even on days when she is ill.

This lecturer teaches with passion and in the best possible way. Her teaching methods are effective.

She encourages critical thinking. Students are free to ask questions and contribute opinions.

Her lessons are fun and her classes are what we look forward to.

We believe we can score well in the subject by relying on her notes, answer techniques and, of course, her crystal clear lecture classes where explanations are given until we understand the concepts.

She has not only set the bar, but continues to push it higher in every class. Ms Shanthi cares deeply for all her students, including her international students.

Education of the mind and not the heart is no education at all and Ms Shanthi has had a tremendous impact on our lives.

We regard her as a mother figure. What she has done for students is akin to what a mother would have done for her own children.

She has been the best lecturer ever.

We are grateful to have Ms Shanthi as our lecturer because no one can teach like her. Her masterful knowledge combined with her genuine personality is exceptional.

Below are words that aptly describe Ms Shanthi:

S – Smart & Sincere;

H – Heart-warming & Helpful;

A – Approachable & Amazing;

N – Nice & Nurturing;

T – Thoughtful & Trustworthy;

H – Humble & Honourable;

I – Intelligent & Inspiring.

This tribute is from Humayrah Thug on behalf of your many adoring Law students.

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