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Tips on seeking better paying jobs

WANT a well-paying future but unsure which paths to take?

Then visit the Star Education Fair 2017 in Penang on March 25 and 26.

There will be a talk on High Income Careers from 1pm to 1.30pm on the first day, which offers school-leavers and parents helpful insights.

The topic will be presented by Dr Mahaaganapathy Dass, who is special assistant to the president at LimKokWing University of Creative Technology.

He will talk on what are the better paying industries now, and the qualities one would need to venture into and thrive in those.

Dr Mahaaganapathy said among others, fields like business, architecture, engineering, hospitality, event management, travel and tourism have traditionally been lucrative.

But he said there had been a shift in recent times, and sectors like digital animation, art and design, mobile and game design, film and video, as well as fashion and lifestyle were increasingly well-compensating.

“The creative fields are pivotal to various industries today, and have become key drivers to Malaysia’s economic progress.

“Venturing into them makes good sense in a modern world in which transformation is the key to prosperity,” he said.

But he pointed out that being in such fields would not automatically guarantee success, as one would also need to possess certain skills.

“Many mistakenly think that by stepping into a higher education institution, then their future is secured. But in today’s world, you also need soft skills.

“This includes good communication skills, leadership abilities, ability to think creatively and innovatively, a global mindset, and being able to adapt to industry needs,” he said.

Dr Mahaaganapathy said one also needed to be good at time management and problem solving, be able to work as a team, and have good networking, among others.

He said the World Economic Forum also outlined complex problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, people management, human coordination, emotional intelligence, good judgement and decision making, being service oriented, ability to negotiate and cognitive flexibility, as the top 10 skills to possess by 2020.

The topic of ‘emerging markets’ may seem an unlikely subject for young school-leavers but there’s no harm in learning about it, said KDU Penang University College Business School head Dr Tony Stevenson.

He said school-leavers should have an insight into emerging markets such as those in Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Indonesia, which were all in the development phases.

He added that this insight would enable them to tap into myriad of career opportunities available.

“It will allow them to design their future careers around opportunities in those emerging markets.

“If they are aware that emerging markets have stages in the development process, then they will also know that there will be requirements for small-business enterprises,” he said.

“As markets develop, there will be opportunities for fresh graduates,” he explained.

Dr Stevenson will be speaking on ‘Talents for the Emerging Markets’ on March 25 at the Star Education Fair 2017.

He said his talk would highlight the development of emerging markets and how they demand an increase in recruitment.

“I will explain the markets and ask the audience ‘What’s that got to do with me?’.

“I’d say, ‘It has everything to do with you’,” said Dr Stevenson.

The Star Education Fair will be held at the Subterranean Penang International Convention and Exhibition (SPICE) Centre in Relau, Bayan Lepas. Admission is free.

It is organised by Star Media Group and the education and career talks are powered by Multimedia University.

The fair, featuring more than 100 foreign and local institutions, will showcase a wide variety of study options and programmes.

Students still wondering what to do after their SPM or STPM results can meet representatives from colleges and universities to enquire about pre-university and tertiary education opportunities.

Visitors can also check out a wide range of certificate, foundation, diploma, degree, postgraduate courses and professional qualifications all under one roof.

There will also be free career interest and personality tests for students. The fair is open from 11am to 7pm. For details, call 03-79671388 (ext 1475/1233).