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Orang asli consume unsafe water from Tasik Cini

PEKAN: Some 23 Orang Asli people in Kampung Cendehan, Cini, here are consuming dirty water from the Tasik Cini as it is contaminated with the waste since the lake is over flooded.

One of the them, Awang Kassim, 58, said the lake was flooded out of a sudden after Sungai Pahang overflowed its banks because of the current rainy spell.

Awang said the Sungai Cini which is a distributary of of Sungai Pahang supplies the water to the lake.

He said the community had no choice but to consume the water from the lake because the wells in the village which are the source of the clean water to them have also overflowed.

“We could not consume the water from the wells anynmore because it has already overflowed and the the water had already mixed with the flood water,” Awang said.

He said the villagers have to ride the boats to the lake for the water for their daily consumption.

Awang also hoped the Government will supply the clean water to the villagers as in time to come, most of them could fall sick after consuming the contaminated from the lake.

“We badly need the clean water for our health,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Kampong Gumum Orang Asli community chief Tok Batin Awang Alok, 75, said what was worrying the villagers now is that, the water level would continue to rise and the villagers would face the worst floods since 1971.

Awang Alok said if that happened, the whole of the Orang Asli villages in Tasik Cini area will have to move out because of the floods.

He hoped the relevant authorities would look into this matter seriously.