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Thursday, 7 August 2014

Shocking state of affairs Kelana Jaya’s public parks neglected since January

A faded park map which could barely be read by park visitors

A faded park map which could barely be read by park visitors

Two public parks have become an eyesore and no longer attract visitors as they have been poorly maintained since January this year.

The deplorable condition of Taman Bandaran Kelana Jaya and Taman Komuniti Kelana Jaya has been blamed on the local council’s failure to appoint permanent contractors to upkeep the area.

The parks located in Petaling Jaya have seven mini ponds, which are also in a bad state.

It is learnt that Petaling Jaya City Council’s (MBPJ) reorganisation of departments has affected the tender process to appoint a contractor this year.

Residents complained about the poor state of the parks and when StarMetro visited the area recently, park amenities looked like they had been vandalised and many sports facilities had been damaged too.

There was even a charred motorcycle left at the entrance to Taman Bandaran Kelana Jaya and fragments from shattered car windows were seen in the parking lot. Ironically, the entrance of the park faces the MBPJ Landscape Department’s office.

Flooring near an abandon restaurant inside the park is not swept.
Flooring near an abandoned restaurant needs sweeping.

As you go in further, an abandoned restaurant greets visitors.

A large area of what was once a fountain is now filled with dried leaves, dirt and puddles of water.

A visitor S. Anthony Michale said the park was also a hotspot for snatch thefts and robberies.

“I was once fishing with my friends here and we heard a loud scream only to realise that a snatch thief had just struck.

“We gave chase but he hopped on a waiting motorbike and escaped.

“People do not want to come here anymore because the place is unsafe and not maintained.

“I would advise ladies never to come here unless they are accompanied by someone or are in groups,” he said.

At Taman Komuniti Kelana Jaya, the lakes were filled with litter and algae.

The public toilets were full of rubbish and many of the facilities were damaged.

Sahabat Taman Kelana Jaya chairman Abu Bakar Abdul Rahman said four years ago, the parks were busy as they were well managed.

“We used to conduct community programmes here but we have stopped because the place is not conducive any more.

“We also actively organised lake conservation programmes. However, we need the council to maintain the place properly before we can start our community programmes again,’’ he said.

Abu Bakar added they would like the abandoned restaurant to be converted into a library or community centre.

“We have put forward our suggestions to MBPJ and hopefully they will do something soon,” he said.

Sahabat Taman Kelana Jaya secretary Esham Salam said the group used to host many gotong-royong campaigns at the park in the past.

A charred motorcycle left at the entrance to the Taman Bandaran Kelana Jaya
A charred motorcycle at the entrance to the Taman Bandaran Kelana Jaya.

“We can complement the council’s efforts in ensuring the park is maintained but we cannot do it alone,” he said.

Kelana D’Putra Residents Assocation vice-chairman R. Arasaratnam agreed that the place was badly maintained.

“I rarely see people maintaining the parks. I am worried it will become a breeding ground for mosquitoes,” said Arasaratnam.

MBPJ Landscape Department director Zuraidah Sainan confirmed there was a delay in appointing full-time contractors to maintain the parks because of the council’s reorganisation.

Public toilet filled with rubbish at the Taman Bandaran Kelana Jaya
A public toilet filled with rubbish at the Taman Bandaran Kelana Jaya.

“The tender process will take place once the relevant departments merge.

“We hope to resolve this by September,” she said.

However, she added that MBPJ had appointed temporary contractors to maintain the place.

“The temporary contractors just do simple jobs like sweeping the area,” she said.

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