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Friday, 11 July 2014

Novice gardener adds hues and cheer to her garden

Liam spares an hour and a half each day to water and trim her plants.

Liam spares an hour and a half each day to water and trim her plants.

SINCE moving in with her boyfriend in Bandar Sri Damansara, events executive and part-time model Janice Liam has done wonders to bring colour to their garden.

She is no expert in gardening and does not know the names of some of the flowers in her garden. All that mattered to her was to have a pretty and colourful garden.

“My interest in gardening as a hobby started with my mother,” said 23-year old Liam, who moved to Kuala Lumpur from Taiping (Perak) to work.

While she no longer has time for gardening due to work commitments, she still enjoys looking after her flowers.

“They are very pretty and colourful when they bloom,” said Liam.

Before Liam moved in with Edzel Gomez, he only had a variety of medium and large green palms and ferns.

Now, the garden is thriving with a colourful variety of flowers.

Liam's care has made her garden thrive and flourish.
Liam’s care has made her garden thrive and flourish.

“We pick pretty and colourful flowers for our garden from plant nurseries in Sungai Buloh,” Liam added.

Their garden is home to many small potted roses, orchids, hibiscus, and Japanese roses, among others.

The red, pink, yellow and white flowers go very well with the colourful garden ornaments and water features.

“The Japanese roses and adenium plants are quite easy to look after, and so are the orchids.

“But with orchids, it can be tricky to keep them in bloom as you have to constantly spray fertiliser,” she said.

Liam said the orchid can bloom for about one or two months, but once they stop, it could take another two to three months for them to bloom again.

Because of this, Liam and Gomez have adopted a system where the blooming orchids are placed in a more prominent section of their garden while those not blooming are moved to the corner.

“The small roses are probably the most difficult to look after as they are extremely delicate,” Liam said.

The roses should not be placed under direct sunlight and one has to be careful not to water them too much or touch them while tending to them.

Despite Liam’s busy schedule, she makes it a point to tend to the garden daily, sometimes sparing up to an hour and a half watering and trimming the plants, as well as cleaning up the garden.

“Tasks like spraying fertiliser and insecticide only need to be done once a week,” she added.

Garden ornaments complement Liam's flowers.
Garden ornaments complement Liam’s flowers.

Liam hopes to one day create a rainbow rose where each petal of the flower is of a different colour.

This can be achieved through a few methods, one of which involves splitting the bottom end of the rose’s stalk and dipping each end into coloured water using food colouring.

The end result is a bright, vivid rose with different colours for each petal, up to a total of seven colours, hence the name “rainbow rose”.

“It is difficult to do, so I have to do my research on the Internet first before trying it out,” she added.

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