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Thursday, 10 July 2014

Residents in PJ anxious about upgrading works for sewerage system

The upgrading work in Lorong 14/15A is just next to Wong’s house.

The upgrading work in Lorong 14/15A is just next to Wong’s house.

RESIDENTS living in Lorong 14/15A, Petaling Jaya are having sleepless nights, fearing their houses will collapse overnight.

They claim that upgrading of a sewerage system nearby had caused their compound, walls and floors of their houses to crack.

The project is in line with the PJ North sewerage system upgrading programme.

This involves the design and build of sewerage works at the Penchala Pantai North sewerage catchment area and upgrading of the 40-year-old system in PJ North.

Upgrading works consisted of the rationalisation and decommissioning of 119 multi-point sewerage treatment plants including communal septic tanks in some areas.

Five new pump houses will be built at various parts of the pipeline to channel the sewage flow into the Pantai Regional Sewerage Treatment Plant 2 (STP).

Resident SM Kadir (right) and Wong Chong Weng (left) inspecting the cracks on the road along Lorong 14/15A
Wong (left) and Kadir inspecting the cracks on the road along Lorong 14/15A.

“My parents cannot sleep at night because they are so worried. It has been a nightmare since the project started three weeks ago,” said resident Wong Chong Weng.

The 55-year-old said his parents, now in their 90s, moved into the neighbourhood in 1968.

Wong’s home is located at the start of Lorong 14/15A and the construction is taking place just next to their home.

The compound of his house is now cracked and he is worried the cracks will widen and collapse.

“I wish the works can be stopped immediately so that consultants can do more studies and ensure the soil is strengthened before continuing,” he said.

Besides Wong, another two houses at the end of the lane are also experiencing cracks on the wall and floor.

Cracks seen at the house located at the end of Lorong 14/15A
Cracks can be seen at one of the houses. - Photos by RAJA FAISAL HISHAN

“One of the houses is also sinking because part of the compound is already lopsided,” said another resident, S.M. Kadir, who has lived there since he was born.

He had lodged a complaint to the Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) twice but there had been no action.

“MBPJ officers told me that if there were cracks, the project would have to stop immediately. But they have not taken action,” he said.

Kadir added that the equipment used for the construction caused vibration that had cracked the concrete pavement along Jalan 14/15, beside Lorong 14/15A.

In addition to that, poor traffic coordination by the workers had endangered motorists driving along the main road of Jalan 14/15.

With one lane closed for the construction, traffic flow had not been smooth and the construction workers had failed to direct traffic.

“The construction is also an inconvenience to residents as part of the entrance into our lane has been blocked off.

“The barriers put up are obstructing our view of oncoming cars every time we want to turn out from our lane,” he said.

Kadir said residents were upset with MBPJ for not giving proper notices to them on when the project would start and end.

The project is under the Energy, Green Technology and Water Ministry and the Design and Built construction company involved for the PJ North area is Mangkubumi Sdn Bhd.

They are responsible for the laying of 36km of new sewer pipelines via pipe jacking and open cut methods in PJ North.

They will also upgrade pipes at Sections 11-19, 20 (Taman Paramount), 21 (Sea Park), 22, 51A, SS2, SS9 and SS9A and SS1 Kampung Tunku.

Once the project is completed, those areas will be connected to the Pantai Regional STP2, with a 1.4 million population equivalent capacity via the Petaling Jaya main sewerage system.

Mangkubumi’s project manager Lamyudi Harun said the company had obtained the approval and necessary permit from MBPJ to carry out the works.

“We have already done all the prior studies before starting work,” he said, adding that the four-year project throughout the Klang Valley started in March 2013.

“If all goes well, upgrading works will take between three weeks and a month,” he said.

Lamyudi added that the construction in Lorong 14/15A would be completed within the week as it had been three weeks since it started.

On the cracks appearing at residents’ homes, he said Mangkubumi would assess the damages and repair it once the construction was completed.

“Professional engineers compiled a report before the start of the project. We will use it to see how the area had been before construction started and after its completion,” he said.

Lamyudi further assured residents that the cracks were not very serious and that the damages would be repaired based on the consultant’s report.

“We cannot deny that there had been no soil movement during the construction, but the movements and cracks are not critical to the point where the houses will collapse,” he added.

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