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Monday, 30 June 2014

Residents urged to beware of wild monkeys

Call Perhilitan for help: A group of three monkeys have been spotted in the vicinity of USJ12, Subang Jaya.

Call Perhilitan for help: A group of three monkeys have been spotted in the vicinity of USJ12, Subang Jaya.

RESIDENTS in USJ12 have been urged to be vigilant as there have been reported sightings of wild monkeys in the Subang Jaya neighbourhood.

“My office has received a couple of complaints of monkeys being spotted on rooftops of houses, with the first complaint made on June 12,” said Subang Jaya assemblyman Hannah Yeoh.

“We later verified that the monkeys were seen in a group of three during the afternoon or evening in Jalan USJ12/1L and Jalan USJ12/1K.

“Residents said the monkeys would pluck mangoes and eat on the rooftops, and damage the roofs in the process.”

Yeoh said her office had contacted the Wildlife and National Parks Department (Perhilitan) for assistance.

“Perhilitan officers came and placed a metal cage in a resident’s premises, but that did not yield any results.

“We suspect that clearing works on the hills in neighbouring areas have driven the monkeys into housing estates,” said Yeoh

She said Perhilitan’s trap-and-catch method had not been successful as it was difficult to obtain residents’ cooperation to have the cage placed inside their compound, while the mangoes used as bait had to be changed daily.

“We hope some residents will step forward and allow the metal cages to be placed within their compounds to trap the monkeys, as they are likely to be stolen if placed in the open.

“If residents spot the monkeys, they should contact Perhilitan immediately,” she said, adding that those staying and working in the vicinity of USJ13, USJ16, USJ3ABCD and nearby industrial areas should also be on the lookout.

Yeoh advised residents to not walk alone or let their children play unsupervised. They should also not provoke or feed the monkeys.

Meanwhile, because of the current hot spell and El Nino phenomenon, Yeoh said there had been frequent complaints of electricity disruption at night in areas such as USJ6, USJ11, SS12 and Wangsa Baiduri.

“Tenaga Nasional Bhd (TNB) is aware of the matter and said the disruption was because of overloading, possibly because of air-conditioners being turned on at full blast,” she said, adding that TNB was expected to contact her office on their plans to overcome the electricity disruption.

It was recently reported that TNB said the highest electricity consumption in the country’s history was recorded on May 28 because of the present hot and dry weather.

Yeoh urged Subang Jaya residents to conserve water and to be mindful of their water usage.

“Do not use treated water unnecessarily, like for washing cars or the porch floor. Save water now and do not wait until a water rationing exercise,” she said.

Perhilitan can be contacted at 03-5519 0817 (Petaling district office) or 03-5519 3915 (Selangor state office).

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