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Saturday, 28 June 2014

Housemates from hell

MOST of us have had to experience living with a roommate or housemate at some point in our lives.

More often than not, these encounters have gone horribly and/or hilariously wrong, and consequently, became conversation starters for roommate horror stories.

This week, according to The Star Online poll, the worst type of roommate one can have is “the psycho”.

Out of 931 respondents, 188 (20%) chose this type of roommate from hell as their worst horror story. Coming in second is “the busybody” or kay-poh with 17% of votes, followed by “the thief” (15%), “the slob” and “the liar”.

We asked our readers to include their other horrific experiences with roommates and some had rather funny ones:

“I had one with BO that could kill an elephant.”

“She soaked her spaghetti for two weeks in a pot.”

“The one that picked her nose all the time.”

“The one who wanted us to buy a dishwasher for just one plate.”

We took the poll results to our readers on social media and they too shared their interesting stories.

“How about the roommate that would never wash her socks? That was a very ‘colourful’ year.”

“The roommate with an imaginary roommate? Also, the one who hoarded used pads and plastic bags of old unwashed clothes.”

“I had a roommate who used cod liver oil to oil her hair.

“The house smelled like fish for a month every time she put it on.

She also oiled herself, wore only a G-string and a bra and lay on the floor.

“Yes, the floor would get oily and she wouldn’t clean it.

“Her bed sheet was unchanged for two years, period stain and all.

“She also cheated people of their money for a living.

“We found death threats slipped under the door too. She was truly from hell.”

“Try the roommate who cooked but didn’t clean up and left everything in the sink for days!

“I had to clean up because I wanted to cook. While standing at the sink washing dishes, I felt something crawling up my legs.

“I looked down and saw maggots!

“You see, she would buy rather large plastic bags for rubbish so things that get disposed of stayed there for several days before it got thrown away.

“She did laundry and then brought it in and piled it on the sofa.

“Most evenings, she just sat on the floor watching some telenovela while the laundry soaked the sofa. The laundry would be there for days until I folded it for her (once) or when she simply transferred the pile to other piles in her r oom.”

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