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Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Google launches Malay online advertising platform for SMEs

JOHOR BARU: About 85% of the 700,000 small-medium businesses (SME) in Malaysia have yet to introduce their businesses online.

Google Malaysia marketing head Matthew Zaheen said that this was surprising as Malaysia had close to 20 million Internet users.

“Also 35% of the total population are smartphone users and most of them prefer to search for services or products online.

“This essentially means that there is a lot of potential for SMEs to reach a wider customer base especially if they advertise online,” he said during a briefing session on Google AdWords, an online advertising platform by the company.

Zaheen however, added that most SMEs were aware of the benefits of online advertising but did not have the time or resources to manage online advertisements.

“This is why we decided to launch Google AdWords and also a Malay version of it to provide a simple way for local SMEs to initiate online advertising.

“Through the application, business owners would only have to go through several simple steps to create an advertisement which can be viewed by potential customers when they Google keywords related to their businesses,” he said.

He also added that the Malay version of the platform was launched in May this year.

“We decided that there was a potential for the Malay version as there are approximately 40 million native speakers of the Malay language in the region and 220 million worldwide, “ he said.

Zaheen added that with the Malay version, advertisers big and small could take advantage and use keywords that most Malaysians may use when conducting searches online.

”For example, if someone wanted to find a good baju kurung maker, they could Google “baju kurung” and the AdWords advertisements which include the keyword baju kurung would pop up,” he said.

He added that users were also allowed flexibility in terms of how much they would like to spend on a daily basis for advertisements, at what time they wanted the ads to be shown online and even to which region or area they wanted the ads to be displayed.

“There are many more options available and we also have a support team to help new users if needed,” he said adding that the platform could help boost sales especially for small time SMEs.

Zaheen said for more information on the platform, readers can log on to google.com.my/adwords

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