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Monday, 9 June 2014

Dr S. Bharathi wants to share art of paper quilling with children

Dr S. Bharathi showing some of her works using paper quilling and book binding methods.

Dr S. Bharathi showing some of her works using paper quilling and book binding methods.

HAVING learned the art of paper quilling for about two years now, Dr S. Bharathi is eager to share her skills with children.

Dr Bharathi or “Dr B” as she is affectionately called by her friends, said she wants to hold a charity workshop to teach children, especially those who are underprivileged, about creating artworks using the paper quilling method or paper filigree.

“I hope to enable the children to learn about decoration and art.

“It will be good for them as they can explore their own creativity and to learn what they could do,” she told The Star when met recently.

iphquill020514... Dr S. Barathi, 32, demonstrating the paper quilling method, using a tweezer to fit in the paper filigree onto an artpiece.
Dr Bharathi demonstrating the paper quilling method using a tweezer to fit in the paper filigree onto an art piece.

“It will be another form of skill that they could learn and which could benefit them in future,” said the 32-year-old, who is currently taking time off from her medical practice after giving birth to a baby boy last year.

“I hope to do it before I return to UK to continue my practice,” she added.

Dr Bharathi explained that she was based in the UK and had come back to Ipoh about two years ago because she was pregnant.

She added that her husband had coincidentally also been awarded a project in Kuala Lumpur and as such both decided to stay on until 2016 before they returned to the UK.

Dr Bharathi said there were not many people who were into this method of creating artworks and handicraft.

iphquill020514... Customised travel wallet made by Dr S. Barathi, 32, using book binding method that she had learned.
Travel wallets made by Dr Bharathi.

“It was something that I learned from the Internet,” she said, adding that she had also taken up lessons from some art teachers.

She said after learning the basic skills, she began exploring other possibilities to create other artpieces and handicraft.

“As I have also learned about book binding, I can now create many things by combining both skills.

“I have created wedding guest books, notebooks and cheque books and also travel wallets,” she said, adding that she was very proud to have made an art piece depicting Lord Ganesha.

Dr Bharathi said her friends had encouraged her to sell some of her artworks.

iphquill020514... Some artpiece made by Dr S. Barathi, 32, using the paper quilling method.
More art pieces made using the paper quilling method.

“I was not keen to do so initially as I felt that it was just a past-time for me,” she said.

“But since I am going to be here in Ipoh for some time, I need to keep myself occupied with some work,” she added.

Dr Bharathi said she now has a website to showcase her art pieces.

“I’ve received positive feedback from all over the world, with some asking me to create some artwork for them.

“I’ve so far sold my works to customers from the US, China, Singapore, Italy, Mauritius and Maldives,” she said.

Dr Bharathi, however, stressed that she plans to go back to medical practice and has no plans to set up a business full-time.

“My wish is to have charity workshops to teach children about paper quilling,” she stressed.

“I have approached several non-governmental organisations on holding the workshop but none have come back to me, their reasons being the lack of human resource and funds to hold such workshops,” she said.

“They say they need more time to consider my proposal and I hope I will get a confirmation soon,” she added.

Those interested can contact her at 010-505 3563 or visit her website at http://handmadebyb.wix.com/drbrt.

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