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Saturday, 31 May 2014

Carnival brings out the best in juniors

Apache star striker Rahul Rabindran (third from left) in action for his team who clinched a double by winning the league and cup in the junior category.

Apache star striker Rahul Rabindran (third from left) in action for his team who clinched a double by winning the league and cup in the junior category.

THE Subang Jaya Junior Community Football League (SJCYFL) marked the closing of its 14th season with a two-day carnival-cum-tournament with football and fun.

With over 500 participants including players and families, the largest volunteer-driven, community-based youth football league came together one last time to mark the end of the season.

The event was also a chance for the parents to let their hair down and after 10 gruelling weeks of hard work it was time to award the title and medals to the winners of each division along with the trophies.

The children came dressed up according to the tribes which they belonged to with mostly home made costumes, facepaint and many more.

Thrown into the mix of the tournament-cum-carnival was the mother’s match (won by the Vikings) and father’s match (won by the Gladiators).

The success and popularity of the league is not surprising given the commitment and sacrifice by the volunteer parents and family members of the league.

Close to the hearts of the SJCYFL are the values of unity, teamwork, sportsmanship, discipline, service and family, reflecting this, the participants themselves are like a huge family.

One of the founders of the league, Douglas Ladner, shared his delight on the success of the league and its growth to what it is now while staying true to the spirit of “muhibbah” (harmony) within the community.

“It’s like nothing else out there (referring to the multi racial interaction). It’s also great to see the school (SMK USJ 4) working with the community and involvement from all parents.

“For the older generation, this is how it used to be; for the younger generation, this is how it can be.” Douglas added on the point of community spirit.

SJCYFL volunteer special projects leader Yasmin Gan Abdullah was thankful for the league’s existence that allows her son Khalil Khairy who plays in the Premier category for Gladiators.

“It’s something my son looks forward to each week, and I’m really thankful for having the league.” she said.

The Douglas Larder Community Shield, a shield awarded to the team that showed outstanding demonstration of the leagues core values went to the Apache boys of the Premier division.

To add to the carnival atmosphere, there were also a best tent competition and to top that off, a knockout tournament was organised as a finale to the season.

SJCYFL Communications head Richard Tan said that the completion of this year’s league means that there will be more places available for the season.

“With the older boys ‘graduating’ from the league, there will be a new batch of juniors whom we can bring in and touch their lives, which is our focus” he said.

Looking forward to the next year, Subang Jaya Community Sports Club President Dr. Mohd Nazir said that one of the main areas of focus will be on the girls’ training and the possibility of expanding the age groups.

“We currently have 35 girls and we want to see how we can increase participation.

‘Everybody is tired now but we’ll be doing a post mortem (on the season that just ended) and see what needs to be improved.” he added.

Tribe standings after match 10

(Spartans win on goal difference)

       P        W        D        L        F        A        GD       Points

Spartans       40        19        12       9         71        40        31        69

Apache       40        22        3        15        85        65        20        69

Aztecs       40        19        8        13        91        66        25        65

Gladiators        40        18        8        14        64        67        -3        62

Samurai       40        17        6        17        71        64        7        57

Vikings       40        4         5        31        37        117        -80        17

Champions by division after match 10

Junior Apache

Major Aztecs

Senior Spartans

Premier Aztecs

Final results for two-day tournament

       First       Second       Third

Junior       Apache       Spartans       Vikings

Major       Aztecs       Spartans       Apache

Senior       Aztecs       Gladiators       Spartans

Premier       Apache       Samurai       Gladiators

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