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Monday, 19 May 2014

It's Food Revolution Day!

Healthy sandwiches were prepared to celebrate Food Revolution Day.

Healthy sandwiches were prepared to celebrate Food Revolution Day.

The Star’s video portal SwitchUp.tv made sandwiches to mark Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Day — a global celebration of all things good, fresh and real in food.

A total of 60 packets of tuna and chicken sandwiches, made using local produce, were later distributed to colleagues in Menara Star recently.

“SwitchUp.tv has always been environmentally-friendly.

“It’s not just our mission but The Star’s. We wanted to lend our support to Food Revolution Day which we feel is a really great global initiative.

“Depleting food resources is a global problem so we really need to grow and share.

Much preparation was done to prepare the sandwiches.
Great teamwork to prepare the sandwiches.

That’s why our tagline is: eat seasonal; buy local; grow and share with your neighbours,’’ said SwitchUp.tv senior executive producer Tan Ju Eng,

“I added an Asian twist to the tuna sandwich by using bean sprouts, “ said SwitchUp.tv senior executive producer Ian Lau.

He explained what went into making a healthy and tasty sandwich.

“Bean sprouts not only make the sandwich crunchy but masks the smell of the onions.

“We also used Carotino or red palm oil for the chicken sandwich,’’ he added.

To watch a video of the event, visit http://switchup.tv.

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