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Friday, 9 May 2014

Masing right in questioning Mara scholarship interview, says PKR Kanowit secretary

SIBU: Land Development Minister Tan Sri James Masing’s questioning of the manner non-Muslim candidates were interviewed for Mara scholarship has earned him praises from PKR’s Kanowit division.

Division secretary George Chen in commending Masing for taking Mara to task, said yesterday that not only the officer concerned had failed to perform his duty but it showed the officer’s discriminatory inclination.

Recently, Masing said asking questions on Islamic matters to non-Muslim students applying for scholarship in an interview was “plain wrong”.

Masing’s remarks were made in response to complaints that candidates were asked on Islamic matters, which included their understanding and opinion on the hudud law, “rukun solat” and “adat menziarah jenazah”. They were also asked to name some Muslim prophets.

Chen said he agreed with Masing that it was not right for Mara to ask the non- Muslim scholarship applicants questions that they did not know the answers to.

“Such action by Mara constitutes discrimination and prejudice aimed at maginalising not only the urban but rural people,” he said.

Chen demanded the official concerned to apologise to the affected candidates.

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