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Friday, 9 May 2014

Masing believes PRS' five not in Adenan's bad book

The new Chief Minister is unhappy with some of his political secretaries, according to PRS president Tan Sri Dr James Jemut Masing.

Masing said he, however, did not think Adenan was unhappy with any of PRS’ five political secretaries, but that the Chief Minister might have reservations about others.

“I just want to brief you about a meeting between the political secretaries and the CM (recently),” Masing told reporters at the Sarawak Legislative Assembly yesterday.

“It appears the CM is not happy with the performance of some political secretaries. If the CM is not happy with PRS’ political secretaries, then, please, I don’t mind him to tell us... I have told my political secretaries, ‘You are answerable to the Chief Minister’.”

Political secretaries come under the Chief Minister’s Department. There are presently 30 political secretaries. They are from component parties: 16 from PBB, five from PRS, five from SUPP and four from SPDP.

Masing said political secretaries were supposed to be the eyes and ears of the state government, therefore, should be close to the grassroots and highlight grouses back to decision makers.

“There are some political secretaries, according to the CM, who only work when they are asked to. He made some references to the Balingian by-election. According to the CM, there are some political

secretaries, who, when they go for official functions, are only interested to sit in front and near the CM.

“But they (political secretaries) are not there to glorify themselves; they should be doing their work, listen to what people are saying.

“With 30 political secretaries, we should be able to cover all of Sarawak if we work together,” Masing said.

Masing would not comment when asked if Adenan had singled out under performing political secretaries during the meeting. “You know the Chief Minister, he is very straight. He cuts to the chase... but no, he didn’t single out anyone. He is more sophisticated than that.”

Masing said he agreed with Adenan saying that people who did not do their jobs were wasting other people’s time.

“You know he doesn’t mince his words. I like that,” Masing added.

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