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Monday, 28 April 2014

Gambling dens in Dengkil closed but those in Klang going strong

Shut down: A huge gaming outlet in Jalan Depoh in Port Klang has been closed after it was raided.

Shut down: A huge gaming outlet in Jalan Depoh in Port Klang has been closed after it was raided.

GAMBLING activities seem to have come to a standstill in Dengkil following a StarMetro report on illegal centres operating in this small town.

Checks revealed that operators of these gambling dens offering mostly online gaming have gone into hiding after the report was published on March 27.

However, it seems to be a norm for these gaming centres located on busy streets to close on a temporary basis whenever they sense possible enforcement.

Trader K. H. Lee said they would normally close for between two weeks and a month.

“They reopen after they feel the threat of enforcement from the authorities has died down,” he said, adding that the illegal gaming centres had mushroomed over the past three years.

Dengkil has up to 40 outlets located within a 5km radius.

Many of these outlets are operating under the guise of restaurants, motorcycle and car workshops, cellphone shops and other supposedly legitimate businesses.

The signboards in front look aboveboard, but it is a different story at the back with separate entrances barring entry.

Flashback: As first reported in StarMetro on March 27.

Metal doors and shutters have CCTV units installed to identify regular gamblers and alert the outlet operators of a possible raid by the authorities.

Plastic tables and chairs are placed outside these gambling dens to give staff acting as lookouts a good view of any impending enforcement action.

However, it seems to be business as usual in Port Klang with a majority of gaming outlets continuing to operate.

Checks revealed that some of the operators had introduced tighter security measures by keeping their front shutters completely closed and only allowing customers through the secret entrances near the stairway or the back.

However, a gambling outlet which was operating under the guise of a snooker centre at Jalan Depoh is closed.

It was reported that illegal gambling operators are using the many vacant shophouses in Port Klang to offer online betting games.

StarMetro’s checks revealed there are about 50 gambling outlets operating in the town.

While some of these operators are carrying out their illegal businesses under the guise of snooker centres, the majority are operating behind closed doors.

Jalan Cungah, located parallel to Persiaran Raja Muda Musa, tops the list with some 10 outlets.

Lorong Cungah has six such outlets while the rest are located in Leboh Beringin, Lorong Chenderiang, Lorong Berangan, Persiaran Raja Muda Musa, Lorong Beremban, Jalan Kem, Jalan Depoh and Jalan Sungai Aur.

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