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Friday, 25 April 2014

Supervisor upset with decision by Consumer Claims Tribunal

JOHOR BARU: A mechanical supervisor was upset and disappointed after his claims to repair his allegedly faulty automated continental car was denied by the Consumer Claims Tribunal here.

The claimant Ahmad Fauzi Mat Desa, 40, said that he had been experiencing problems with his seven-seater MPV worth RM156,000 after almost a year of usage.

“I bought the car in April 2011 and started experiencing some problems with the gearbox in March the following year and the service centre management told me that the gearbox needed a replacement,” he told the tribunal.

Ahmad Fauzi added that the company then replaced the gearbox as its warranty was still valid but was shocked again as similar problems reoccurred just a month later.

”After that, it was just a string of nightmares, as I had to send my car for repairs at least six times but the problem still persisted.

”I suffered at least RM10,000 in losses for rental of a substitute car while mine was under repair and fuel to travel up and down from my home in Pekan Nenas to the service centre in Plentong,” he said.

During the Tribunal session, Ahmad Fauzi, who fears for the safety of the family due to the car’s faulty condition, claimed for his car to be completely repaired with a year extended warranty issued.

Tribunal president Datuk Zul Hasnan Najib Baharudin however ruled out the claims on the grounds that Ahmad Fauzi had failed to clearly indicate the car’s fault in the invoices, which had been acknowledged by the claimant.

“The main problem of the car was only clearly stated in the invoices after its warranty period had ended,” he said.

When met after the session, Ahmad Fauzi claimed that he has repeatedly voiced out his problems to the centre’s assistants on several visits but the statement recorded in the invoice varied each time.

”I told them from the very beginning that the gear would automatically switch to third gear when the fuel indicates travel capacity below 100km,” he said adding that he would take further actions against the company at higher courts.

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