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Thursday, 10 April 2014

Tecoma petals blanket parts of Klang, too

In full bloom: Tecoma tress flowering along Lorang Loyang in Klang. - Photos by M. AZHAR ARIF

In full bloom: Tecoma tress flowering along Lorang Loyang in Klang. - Photos by M. AZHAR ARIF

THE cascading clusters of soft blush pink and white blooms with a tinge of blue of the tecoma trees mesmerise residents of and visitors to Klang.

The flowers, which resemble cherry blossoms can be seen “blanketing” pathsways. Coincidentally, cherry blossoms or sakura also flower during spring in Japan, namely February and March.

The blooms are a favourite of newly married couples as they provide a dream backdrop for wedding photoshoots.

Klang Municipal Council (MPK) president Datuk Mohammad Yacob said the flowers in different colours can be seen all around Klang.

“The scientific names for the pink flower is Tabebuia Rosea, Tabebuia Riparia for white, Tabebuia Pallida for pinkish white and Tabebuia Argentea for yellow.

“The species is native to South America,” he said.

It is also commonly planted as an ornamental tree in India, Tanzania and Uganda.

“You can sometimes see a few blooms flying in the wind, just like in a Japanese TV drama giving Malaysians a feel of the sakura season in the tropics,” he said.

Mohammad Yacob added the trees are due to bloom again in mid-July.

“People also like to take a walk on the petal-carpeted ground while breathing in the sweet scent,” he said.

Mohammad Yacob added that the golden chain tree, scientifically called laburnum anagyroides, is also very beautiful.

“We hope to plant more of these golden yellow flowering trees to add some colour to the urban landscape,” he said, adding the flowers bloom in grape-like clusters.

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