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Monday, 7 April 2014

Eateries losing customers Water rationing also affects vegetable sellers

FEWER people are patronising food outlets as water rationing enters its second month.

SS2 coffee shop operator Gerald Tung, however, said they are worrying needlessly as cleanliness was maintained.

“My tank has enough water for three days. Customers should not worry as we have enough clean water to prepare food,” said Tung, who claimed to have suffered losses because he was forced to use disposable tableware and cutlery.

Section 17 hawker Tan Yew Leong said the water cut should be only for a day, instead of two.

“We store water for two days. However, sometimes there is no water for more than 50 hours.

“It is hard for us to run a food business,” said Tan, who also complained about the quality of the water.

“Sometimes murky water flows through our taps. How are we supposed to prepare food using dirty water?” he asked.

Section 17 Traders Association chairman Lee Kah Sing said vegetable sellers were also hit by water rationing.

“The vegetables wilt and rot more quickly without water.

“Sometimes, I have to sell the vegetables at a cheaper price,” he said.

Appu Uncle Curry House in Section 19 has installed a larger water tank

“Most business owners have tanks that can store water that lasts for three days,” said owner Arvin Rengaraju.

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