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Monday, 24 March 2014

A group’s take on heritage

Digesting issue: Panellists giving a short talk on their views of heritage after the screening of 'Warisan'

Digesting issue: Panellists giving a short talk on their views of heritage after the screening of 'Warisan'

WHETHER or not the stories of three heritage-rich locations around town end well or badly, their tale has been immortalised through a documentary that was launched last week.

Titled Warisan (heritage), the half-hour film features the tale of Kampung Bandar Dalam, Jalan Petaling and Kampung Railway.

A recurring theme used throughout the documentary is that heritage is not something we develop now but something that already exists and should be maintained in order to keep the unique history, associations and human elements the place has built over the years.

Warisan director Wong Siew Ki said this was the second documentary from her and her collaborators and they were not making a profit out of it.

“The four of us are doing this on our own, which explains why it took us nine months to finish.

“Only one of us has video-making experience when we made our first documentary but the learning process is quite fun,” she said.

“It is the process of dicovering new techniques and encouragement from each other that has kept the group forging ahead with the project,” said Wong, adding that it never crossed her mind to give up despite the hard work.

Wong, a blogger on politics by then, said young people do not like reading dry information and instead could be reached more effectively through visuals.

“The documentaries are a way to educate and create awareness among this target group,” she said.

She added that the subjects were important things Malaysians should know.

According to Wong, Warisan highlights that heritage is more than a building or a name.

She said they would be organising a few more screenings in the coming months and after that, the documentary would be available in full on YouTube.

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