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Thursday, 6 March 2014

Rain and hailstones in Semenyih

The hailstones scattered around Yap's garden. - Photo courtesy of SAYS.com

The hailstones scattered around Yap's garden. - Photo courtesy of SAYS.com

RESIDENTS in Semenyih were greeted with icy rain after weeks of hot weather.

The March 2 incident was shared by Semenyih resident David Yap on social news network, SAYS.com

Yap said he and his brothers were excited when it finally rained, after so many dry days.

“We danced in the rain but found the rain getting colder,” he said.

They then felt something hit their head and rushed for cover.

“We saw what looked like ice all over our garden,” he said.

The irregular lumps of ice (hailstones) appeared 20 minutes after the rain started.

Social media users speculated the hailstones were formed because of cloud seeding.

The rain induced through cloud seeding has helped reduce the haze level in the Klang Valley and brought some welcome relief to the hot weather Malaysians have been enduring.

When contacted, the Meteorological Department said it did not receive any reports of hailstones in Semenyih.

Its spokesman Hisham Mohd Anip said none of the department’s 43 stations reported hail in their area.

However, he said hailstones were not uncommon and were reported in Taiping in December and Putrajaya in June, last year.

Hisham said the hailstones could not have been caused by cloud seeding as the department had only started its operations on March 3.

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