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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Posters to promote spirit of unity

Talk on unity: Mohamed Maliki (left) giving the opening speech during the state-level Unity Dialogue session in Johor Baru.

Talk on unity: Mohamed Maliki (left) giving the opening speech during the state-level Unity Dialogue session in Johor Baru.

JOHOR BARU: The Rukun Negara (National Principles) should be posted everywhere including billboards, television commercials and posters to remind Malaysians to uphold the National Principles.

This was one of the many suggestions made at the state-level unity dialogue session, organised by the National Unity Consultative Council (MKPN), here recently.

Taman Puteri (Kluang) Rukun Tetangga community chairman Hassan Arsari Abu Hassan voiced out his concerns over the lack of the spirit of togetherness among locals in the past few years.

“Unity is most vital for a multiracial country like Malaysia and Rukun Negara is the tool that binds us together as Malaysians regardless of our ethnicity backgrounds and religious beliefs.

“Instead of erecting billboards of politicians giving festive wishes, why not put up billboards of ordinary Malaysians with the Rukun Negara posters to get the message across to the masses.”

Information Department officer Tan Wei Lee believed that the nation’s economy progression and stability could be the main driving factors to encourage unity at home.

“A recent university survey conducted revealed that 90% of the unity issues especially within a household was due to financial constraints.

“People without financial or economic problems just tend to be much relaxed and happier, making them more tolerant towards others as opposed to those who are facing economic difficulties,” he said.

Baha’I community representative A. Zoran suggested that schools could play a bigger role in promoting and fostering racial bonding among young students.

“Our school syllabus even at the primary level should include the history of civilisation and how unity played an important role in civilisation,” he added.

Some 200 non-governmental organisations, governmental departments, Rukun Tetangga communities, members of the public and other agencies participated in the session.

The session was attended by the Malaysian Youth Council president Mohamed Maliki Mohamed Rapiee and other MKPN members to take note of unity issues faced by the local community especially youths.

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