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Thursday, 27 February 2014

One man's kindness draws Balakong folk closer

Good Samaritan: Siew (holding pipe connected to water tank) distributing water twice in the evening to his neighbours in Taman Desa Karunmas.

Good Samaritan: Siew (holding pipe connected to water tank) distributing water twice in the evening to his neighbours in Taman Desa Karunmas.

THE water crisis may have brought suffering to Balakong folk but residents in Taman Desa Karunmas have become close knit through the kind act of one man and his employer, who distributes water to his neighbours every night.

Storekeeper Siew Wan Hee, 51, who has been living in the neighbourhood for four years, takes the trouble to distribute water twice a night, since the water problem began.

He can fit three 250-gallon water containers in the lorry belonging to his employer.

He only returns home around midnight, after his second round of distribution and returning the vehicle to the Balakong Jaya factory where he works.

With less than eight hours of sleep, he wakes up by 7.30am to face the daily grind.

But Siew has no complaints and is glad to be of service to his neighbours.

“My boss Jeffrey Wong is a kind man.

“When he heard of my neighbourhood’s plight, he readily agreed to allow me to get water from the factory, use the lorry and even bought the water tanks at RM200 each.

“All I have done is to spare some of my time and effort to carry water to my neighbours,” he said.

His neighbour Mohamad Rashidi Abdul Rahman, 63, was so touched by Siew’s kindness that he notified StarMetro to highlight the generous act and to show his gratefulness.

In an email, Rashidi’s daughter Nurul wrote on behalf of her father, saying, “I just wish to highlight the kindness of my neighbour who did not hesitate to help other neighbours regardless of race and religion.

“My father said some young men also helped him carry the pails and other containers as my father is old and unfit.”

Mohamad Rashidi said, “I did not know Siew before this. I met him only when he went around the neighbourhood notifying us about the distribution.

“It is a blessing as it has brought the community closer.”

Another neighbour, Chong Wai Meng, 44, said Siew’s distribution was more reliable as he would consistently come twice every evening, whereas the Syabas tankers had only been seen once or twice in the neighbourhood.

“The Syabas tanker comes at odd hours and each time we are not notified beforehand.

“I remember seeing the Syabas tanker the day after last Sunday’s protest on the water crisis,” he said.

Chong and some residents were also seen helping others to collect water.

Zuraida Mohd Soib, who has been living in the neighbourhood for seven years, was touched by Siew’s kindness while Kala Raman said, “He provides good service to the community without asking for anything in return.”

“Balakong folk have been suffering during this water crisis.

“I would have to go to my sister’s house in Taman Cuepacs, which is about 25 minutes away, to bathe.”

While many know their immediate neighbours, the crisis has given them the opportunity to get to know other neighbours living further away.

“It can get quite lively when people wait to collect water,” Siew said.

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