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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Government hospitals should win back public confidence

MALACCA: Public hospitals in the state should strive towards shedding the general misconception of patients facing the fate of quick death (cepat mati) upon admission and regain its heydays of being the top healthcare provider by superseding the services provided by private health institutions.

Chief Minister Datuk Seri Idris Haron said misapprehension that those being admitted in public hospitals for ailments could emerge lifeless without proper nursing is a stigma that needed to be corrected.

“Public hospitals once excelled much better compared to private institutions but today the society at large harbours different opinion of seeking treatments that are hard to come out alive upon admission without realising that chronic cases from private hospitals are still being referred to Government health providers,” he said after opening the Malacca Hospital’s 80th anniversary, on Saturday.

The hospital was among the earliest Government health institution in the country opened by the then British administration on Feb 12, 1934.

The hospital was opened by Sir Cecil Clementi, who was the Governor of of Straits Settlements in the 1930’s and 69 years later, former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad officiated the new block of the hospital.

Idris said he reminisced the days where Malaysians preferred to only obtain treatment at public hospitals and shunning away from being admitted to private health institutions.

“At one time every level of the society favoured public hospitals when seeking treatment but today patients felt that treatments were slow.

“It’s undeniable that the facilities and equipment in public hospitals are high-standard and of superior quality,” he said.

Idris said hospital directors and specialists should find ways to fine-tune health services and reposition public hospitals as elite medical institutions in the country.

“Probably, lack of enthusiasm existed among the young medical staff managing an escalating number of patients but stakeholders should troubleshoot in a bid to regain the glorious period of public hospitals as wholesome healthcare providers,” he said.

Idris said the public hospitals should work towards recapturing the people’s confidence by providing effective and prompt services.

“Go back to days where patients first choice were the public hospitals by maximising the facilities available to provide utmost level of medical care to the patient,” he said.

Idris also unveiled that Malacca is in the midst of getting a new hospital to address the issue of overcrowding in the present site.

He said Prime Minister had in principal agreed for the establishment of a new hospital complex during his recent visit to the state,

“The committee overseeing the construction of the new hospital had met on Monday to finalise on the newsite and other aspects relating to the construction,” he said adding that the current Malacca Hospital would be converted into either district or cluster-type hospital once the new complex has been completed.

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