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Thursday, 20 February 2014

Lack of action cause of illegal rubbish dumping

THE illegal dumping of rubbish into Sungai Kelang shows that the heads of departments (HODs) at the Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) and the Drainage and Irrigation Department (DID) have failed to perform their respective job functions.

First and foremost, an illegal act was performed to their knowledge. Did they make a police report? If not, why?

If a police report had been lodged, did they follow up to see what action was taken or visited the site to check if the illegal activities had been stopped and the criminals arrested?

Secondly, by not accepting responsibility and therefore not taking action, don’t they realise that the problem is not solved, unless they are aware that other authorised parties have taken responsibility to stop this illegal activity?

We expect HODs to be more responsible and conduct spot checks in any area where performance has slackened or illegal activities are taking place, instead we hear of excuses that they have not been empowered to act accordingly.

Unfortunately, most HODs fail to recognise that for every type of authoritative employment, there are always occupational hazards.

As HODs, they have to work beyond 9 to 5. They should make spot checks or go incognito to areas where reports of wrongdoings are received. If they fear performing such duties then, obviously, they should not have taken up the position.

Unfortunately, many decision-makers are such publicity seekers that when they wish to investigate complaints made by the public or monitor wrongdoing, including by their own staff, they will announce their presence so that the element of surprise is no longer present.

They are so engrossed in maintaining their self-importance that they forget their duties.

The local authorities are so keen to remove the so-called illegitimate obstacles in well-meant “gated and guarded” neighbourhoods but for years, they have failed to remove the glaring illegal barriers set up by parties profiting from the illegal dumping of rubbish.

How much more time is required for the respective HODs to organise a meeting and decide whose job function it is to arrest those responsible for erecting illegal barriers/illegal land clearing/trespassing on state land or dumping rubbish in non-designated areas?

Can’t the Land Office take action against those responsible for trespassing on state land and for illegal clearing of land to make roads for the illegal dumping of rubbish?

When will the DID prosecute those responsible for polluting our waterways, damaging our environment as well as endangering the health of the public in general through their actions?

To date, has there been any seizure/confiscation of vehicles involved in the illegal dumping of rubbish in Sungai Kelang?

Such a blatant act performed without fear of being caught indicates a failure of the system.

When employees are terminated for inefficiency, illegal activities curtailed and the perpetrators arrested, an improvement will take place immediately.

Every employee must be an asset to his employer and no one is above the law, regardless of the position held.


Petaling Jaya

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