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Monday, 10 February 2014

Malaysian Landscape Exhibition showcases breathtaking works of four master artists

Zainal Abidin Musa’s Sungai Loh, Ulu Dungun is an oil- on- canvas work priced at RM30,000.

Zainal Abidin Musa’s Sungai Loh, Ulu Dungun is an oil- on- canvas work priced at RM30,000.

LANDSCAPE art has always been a favourite among homeowners looking to decorate their living spaces.

The lush greenery, the calming blue of the ocean and the golden skies during sunset are usually chosen to brighten up a place, in a way to appreciate nature.

Artelier Gallery in Solaris Dutamas is currently running an art exhibition entitled “Horizon: A Malaysian Landscape Exhibition”, featuring the masters in the field of Malaysian landscape art.

Fauzin Mustafa showcases his collection called Padang Permainan.

The exhibition showcases a never-seen-before collection of works by four master artists highlighting the breathtaking Malay-sian landscape.

The artists had travelled around the country in search of inspiration, and walking through the long hall, one would appreciate the beauty of nature this country is blessed with.

Each artwork has its own meaning and Fauzin Mustafa exhibited his collection, “Padang Permainan”, a nostalgic collection.

“It is about growing up and leaving the world to the future generation,” he said.

Johan Marjonid, a photo realistic landscape painter, exhibited his work from a trip to Sungai Tembeling in Pahang.

Johan Marjonid's Tembeling II captured his trip to the river in an almost photo-like painting.
Johan Marjonid’s Tembeling II has captured his trip to the river in an almost photo- like painting.

“I was there to see how the villagers rear fresh water fish and I would like to share my experience with the public,” he said.

Lovers of the sea will fall in love with Zainal Abidin Musa’s impressionist-inspired paintings that have captured the beauty of the Malaysian coastal scenes and bodies of waters.

In the vein of Georges Seurat and Claude Monet, the pastel-coloured loose brushwork documents sensitive patches of light and shadows in an almost abstract manner.

His play of light and dark, managing patches of light on bodies of water, gives the viewer a sense of moment and calm.

Alan Ng reveals the breathtaking photos captured on his jungle trekking expeditions at the art exhibition.
Alan Ng reveals the breathtaking photos captured on his jungle trekking expeditions at the exhibition.

His paintings are mostly inspired during the monsoon season and beaches in Langkawi island.

Visitors to the art gallery will also be able to view Alan Ng’s first showcase of his own work, where he reveals the breathtaking photos captured on his jungle trekking expeditions, putting the viewers up close and personal with the hidden corners of Malaysia’s lush forests.

The artworks are also on sale and prices range from RM1,500 to RM115,000.

From details, call 03-6206 4703, email info@artelier.my or visit http://artelier.my

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