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Friday, 10 January 2014

Couple creates a little green haven on their balcony

Beautiful purple flowers add to the ambience.

Beautiful purple flowers add to the ambience.

BALCONIES can be a challenging site to create a garden.

However, when done successfully, this small location can add a touch of home.

This is the place to relax while sipping a cup of hot tea in the evenings and looking out into the neighbourhood.

Homemaker V. Thanalakshmy had a vision of creating a green forest within the concrete jungle of the Klang Valley.

A view of the balcony garden.
A view of the balcony garden

She managed to transform her previously dull first floor balcony in her double-storey terraced house into a beautiful garden with flowering and leafy plants.

Thanalakshmy built a pergola on her balcony to allow green vines and shrubs to climb and provide natural shade.

Being ecologically conscious, she took a step further by placing environment-friendly pavers, made from rice husk, on the balcony floor as suggested by her husband P. Moorthy.

Thanalakshmy said the pavers created an interesting sensory experience for the feet and they kept the floor cool on hot days.

“I extended the upper tier of the house and turned the balcony into an outdoor room and an extension from our master bedroom. Simple plants in terracotta pots give this space a calm and soothing visual experience,” she said.

Purple Morning Glory on the trellis brings an air of tranquility.
Purple Morning Glory on the trellis brings an air of tranquility.

Thanalakshmy added that the one thing she would love to have was a full-length garden but urban living prevented this.

“But with a balcony, I am free from having to mow lawns and ignore the convention of putting up fences.

“Now, the master bedroom that links to the garden feels bigger and less restricted. I am able to look out at the flowers and foliage as opposed to bricks,” she said.

She added that the terracotta pavers and a textured surface gave a soft natural feel that heightened the experience of being in the garden.

Yellow Alamanda flowers brighten the balcony.
Yellow Alamanda flowers brighten the balcony.

“I love it. With the green foliage and bright flowers, it has attracted birds, butterflies and squirrels. It is just delightful, even on hot afternoons the garden absorbs the heat keeping the master bedroom cool,” she said.

This little green haven is a space that exudes tranquility and enjoyed by the whole family.

Thanalakshmy and Moorthy use this place to share their thoughts and this has contributed to their harmonious relationship.

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