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Saturday, 4 January 2014

Ten tips to stay safe

WITH 2014 upon us, why not make some resolutions to keep yourself safe?

Many of us are guilty of taking our safety for granted but the start of a new year is a good time to ditch some bad habits and adopt some good ones.

Metro Online Broadcast(mob.com.my)l ooks at some common don’ts that all of us have committed at one time or another

1) Leaving valuable items on car seats: Smash-and-grab cases are rampant and yet many motorists still leave their valuables on car seats, making them an easy target. Motorists should keep valuables in the boot 
or under the seats.

2) Over-sharing on social media: Many use social media for sharing information but some things are 
best kept under wraps. Posts about going on long holidays can be an invitation to robbers. Refrain from sharing such information online. Also, limit the access to security settings and location-based apps to close family and friends.

3) Leaving kids unsupervised in public places: Leaving a young child in a public place unsupervised even for a momentis very risky. The trauma experienced by a child who is lost even for a few minutes is immeasurable. They also are at risk of being kidnapped or being injured in a mishap.

4) Exercising outdoors with earphones: Noise-cancelling headphones or devices thatl imit one’s hearing are a no-no when exercising outdoors. Not being able to hear oncoming cars or people who may be
approaching can put your life in danger.

5) Leaving valuable items on tables in public places: Many people become complacent in public places. Leaving one’s wallets, car keys and handphones on the table while deeply engrossed in conversation is
common. Such practices give thieves an opportunity to grab the items in the blink of an eye. One’s
valuables should be kept out of sight.

6)Rummaging for keys in car parks: Have your keys ready when approaching your vehicle, especially in carparks. Lone women drivers may be targets for criminals, especially when entering cars in dark and deserted places. Having the keys in hand can limit the time spent in such vulnerable locations. Additionally, keys can double-up as a weapon.

7) Using a single passwo rd for all accounts: From Facebook, email to bank accounts, passwords on various platforms can be difficult to remember. However, having different passwords for different
platforms is a small effort compared with the consequences of having your accounts hacked.

8) Using a handphone while driving: Texting, watching videos, talking on a handphone while driving can 
cause accidents. If you really have to make a call, use a hands-free kit. Stop by the roadside if you have to read or answer a text message.

9)Carrying unnecessary items when going out : Carry only essentials and limit the amount of cash in your wallet when going out. Don’t carry credit cards if you don’t need to use them.

10) Keeping valuables in the back pocket: Placing one’s belongings, especially wallets, in a back pocketis an invitation to pickpockets. Keeping them in one’s front pockets can minimise your chance of becoming
a victim of pickpockets or having the items falling out.

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