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A sincere apology

My Face Shui article ‘No Benefit In Being Fat’ has created quite an uproar over the past few days. I appreciate the reaction and comments received. I accept the opinions as constructive feedback.

I realise that my views expressed in my column have been insensitive and have offended many. For this, I am truly sorry. 

I appreciate the comments and views of Syamil Silmi, Rubi Mahes, Edward KTS and Joshua Navin, among many others. They have rightly pointed out that some people cannot control their weight due to issues such as childbirth, steroids usage, fibroids or sickness. Some people may also have a natural tendency towards putting on weight.

The intention of my article was meant to emphasise the health and social hazards of being overweight in relation to “face shui”. But on hindsight, I should have approached my take on obesity in a less offensive manner.

I offer my sincere apologies to anyone whom I may have unwittingly offended.


Tee Lin Say 

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