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Seeking out one’s purpose in life

MORE times than I would like to admit that I have searched out astrology chart readers, psychics, oracle card readers, numerologists, a wide variety of healers and seers in the hopes that they could tell me what my purpose in life was.

Ideally, I wanted to be given a precise description of what I am meant to do, be and create in my life so I would not feel so lost, so aimless and so purposeless.

This subject of my “purpose” became a mission of mine for quite a while.

In my explorations, I listened to the gurus and spiritual teachers as well as the millionaires and key opinion leaders for ideas on this question.

There are schools of thought that believe that before we even enter this world, our souls have a plan for a unique pathway to evolve to the next level of consciousness and so, our purpose is to fulfil that specific intention.

Others say to experience the fullness of life on this earth is ultimately the purpose of human existence itself.

I have heard some say that to be a useful instrument of divine will is everyone’s purpose — should they choose to accept it.

It was not long ago when a student asked me, as part of a panel of speakers, how to find out what my purpose is?

It made me realise there are so many people out there looking for a greater meaning to their lives.

It can be disheartening and utterly frustrating to feel purposeless. To feel that your life has no meaning and wonder what everything you have been working towards is for.

Up until recently, nothing has quite put my mind to rest on the subject but, just a few days ago, I felt I had heard something that made more sense to me than ever.

So for all of you avid seekers out there like me, this is for you.

There isn’t just one purpose for our lives, there are many — with varying degrees of impact, that could span weeks, years, or even decades. Your purpose may also change once you turn a certain age or evolve over time. It can be a misleading quest though.

For example, was Oprah Winfrey’s purpose to be one of the most famous talk show hosts in the world, or one of the richest African American women or to be a platform for others to rise through her?

For all we know, maybe we have yet to see her greatest achievement! How much would it have helped her to know exactly what she would become or do?

I believe what matters more than knowing your purpose is understanding the nature of your soul energy and living it to its fullest.

In which case, better questions to ask would be — what gives me the greatest fulfilment and what feels effortless, natural and enjoyable to me?

What are you doing when you are most lit up, most vibrant and alive? What are you doing when you are most excited, infectious, inspiring, dedicated and devoted?

These are the things that you would happily do for free. Doing it charges you and enlivens you but not doing it dims your light and depresses you.

It feels as easy and natural as breathing and if you do not do it, it can be painful and suffocating.

Whatever the answers are will lead you to what your soul energy expressing itself looks like.

Think of the word “soul” as the purest, most refined, distilled essence of you.

Your unique imprint without anything added on top to mask, block or alter it. Its purity is its potency. With the word energy next to it as a means for that imprint to radiate out so others can experience it.

You see, I think that your multiple purposes are revealed when you are being your truest self.

If you are present enough, still enough, awake enough — you can feel when your soul energy is shining and when it is not.

Maybe then we have had it all back to front. Maybe our purpose is to be the grandest emanation of who we naturally are at our core and what happens after is the result of being on purpose.

Hannah is a speaker, singer and women’s relationship coach. Visit or email her at